About Us

Extramarkstutors.com is a venture of Extramarks Education India private limited.The company has launched this website to cater to the growing needs of the after-school coaching market.

Extramarks, a 100% subsidiary of Extramarks Education Pte. Ltd. Singapore, is a new age digital education solutions provider. It provides 360ᴼ solutions for K-12 education. Since its inception in 2009, Extramarks has gained extreme popularity in schools across India, South Africa and Middle Eastern countries. More than 7000+ schools and about a million students use Extramarks products.

Extramarks provides end to end solutions for schools and students starting from school Career guidance and counseling, ERP, Smart Learn Classes, Test Center, Homework help and tuition support provided by a cadre of tutors handpicked and trained by professionals.

The in-school learning offering of the company, namely Smart Learn Classes and Classroom Tablet Program, uses learning modules mapped to the syllabi provided by various educational boards. These modules are based on a pedagogy specially developed by experienced educationists. The best of institutions in India and other countries use Extramarks Smart Learn Classes to impart education in class rooms.

Extramarks Smart Study Pack - A product focused on home-work help can be used by students at their own pace and space. It adopts a three pronged approach to meet the learning requirement of a student i.e. Learn, Practice and Test. It uses the same learning modules which the schools use to impart education in class rooms. It also provides ample opportunities to practice and test knowledge through a specially designed test center.

Extramarks Smart Study Pack is also used by the schools for augmenting class room teaching. The use of Extramarks Smart Study Pack in the class room eliminates heavy school bags and note books. It allows the educator to control the teaching environment and enables to push assignments and tests to the students.

Extramarks has initiated an active engagement program with tutors in India to promote the usage of its products amongst education professionals and students.

Extramarks employs more than 1500+ employees directly and has 20 offices across India. Extramarks also has its offices in South Africa, UAE and India.