The Premium Personal Tutor Services (PPTS) aims at providing the K-12 aspirants an easy access to qualified personal tutors. In a highly competitive economy looking for a highly skilled workforce and 270 million students in various schools, the demand for after-school coaching is immense. However, the absence of a proper fulfillment mechanism makes the process of finding a suitable tutor cumbersome and often unreliable.

Extramarks, being a company committed to 360 degree education support, has chosen to tackle this issue with competence derived from a decade long experience in K-12 education segment. The PPTS program has been designed to align interested students with well-trained tutors who are not only experts in their respective subjects but also conversant with the latest technological trends that make education easy and effective.

For students and parents

Welcome to Extramarks Premium Personal Tutorial Service.

This program ensures premium academic experience delivered by a home tutor selected after thorough screening and trained to teach using Extramarks digital learning solutions and advanced study tools. All tutors selected for this program would be vetted for their educational as well as personal backgrounds to ensure effective, professional and transforming study environment.

Apart from committed professional service, Extramarks system would aid tutoring by providing access to vast online digital library, a mechanism for real time progress tracking, guided learning and a facility for evolving an effective study plan.

The company has created a specialized infrastructure to conduct periodic online tests for independent assessment of student’s progress. All results would be available for review by the student, tutor as well as the parents. The test results would be analyzed using Extramarks Analytics to uncover areas that need improvement for focused coaching.

The program would engage Extramarks experts with students and parents to review, offer counsel, and receive feedbacks.

To retain continuity, the PPTS has provisions for tutor replacement if and when the appointed tutor takes leave. Prompt substitutes would be provided on request for change of an existing teacher.

PPTS offers user friendly internet based MIS to report all developments encompassing the student’s progress.

Extrmarks as the leading education software company in the country would take all necessary steps to ensure a vibrant academic ecosystem for the overall intellectual development of the child.

For Tutor

Extramarks, through this program, seeks to create a fraternity of highly skilled tutors who would be recruited, trained and finally deployed as accomplished tutors.

Extramarks would market this service and aggregate demands from students/ parents. Tutors shall be aligned to students through a process of professional counseling.

As tutor subscribed to the program shall receive training on digital tutoring. The program also entails periodic refresher training programs to keep the tutors abreast with any change.

The program would be supplemented by an elaborate MIS to pin point areas of professional improvement. PPTS is devised to ensure the best possible academic experience to our students by equipping the instructors with best possible skills. For professional tutors, the program is expected to fetch attractive financial rewards and gain expertise to become accomplished tutor. The program offers a lucrative part time job opportunity to students in professional courses so as to support their college expenses.

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